DEMSAS is a fully integrated tannery operating since 1917. Our tannery was
first built in the "Kazlicesme" (means Fountain with the Goose. Name derived
due to geese occupying the area.) district of Istanbul. When Istanbul was
taken from the Byzantine by Sultan Mehmet the Conquerer, he has ordered all the Tanners to be based in this district with the belief that the Geese
would indicate to the richness of water supply.

Today, DEMSAS is based in Tuzla Industrial Leather Zone, set in the
outskirts of Istanbul.

Being a family owned company, DEMSAS is dedicated to produce high quality leather using a healthy mix of tradition and technology.

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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Parsel D.19 Tuzla, ISTANBUL, TURKEY Tel: +90 216 394 11 69 (PBX)  Fax: +90 216 394 17 45